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Withdrawal Reminder
  • Bank account holder's name must be match with the account name of Easybet International; otherwise you will not be able to apply for withdrawal.
  • Deposits must be in the full amount bet, or else you will not be able to apply for withdrawal, users make sure of their demands before deposits.
  • Each account can apply 2 times withdrawal daily (VIP 8 and above may apply 3 times daily), the day after the completion of applications for withdrawal, you must wait to the next day at 00:00:00 (GMT +8 Hong Kong time) before they apply for next withdrawal.
  • To secure the funds, every customer can withdraws up to a maximum amount of MYR 50,000 and the minimum amount is MYR 50.
  • All customers can enjoy a higher quality of service. Express service will be upgraded to 7*24 hours year-round withdrawals services. Customer withdrawal request will be audited within 30 minutes and free of charge. Instant arrive to pay the users within 3 hours only for MAYBANK & CIMB BANK.

* If you have any questions about withdrawal, please [Contact Us]


Base from our experience, usually user is forced to delay the withdrawal due to the error that happen, user has to pay attention when fill out the user information :

  • The user’s name in the Egroup88 and Bank holder's name is inconsistent.
  • Bank account number are refused.
  • Bank account number and Bank account holder's name does not match.
  • Bank account branch address standard format is filling in mistake, the standard format is bank *** bank branch (example: MAYBANK BUKIT BINTANG).

Under normal circumstances, the company’s finance departments will strictly in accordance with the regulations, the money withdrawal application will be reviewed and corrected the situation. It will be credited into account on time.